Artist canvas in roll, canvas stretcher, staple gun and paintbru

Any painting even very larges sizes can be shipped in a mailing tube.
The canvas can be as big as 72”X 72” and the tube can be up to 12” in diameter.
As always make sure the painting is dry.
Be sure that the CAPS on the ends of the tube are the correct size.
You will use a smaller size tube so that it fits inside the larger one. And it is “this” tube that you will roll your artwork around.
You should roll the canvas between two sheets of archival paper.
Make sure the canvas is completely covered by the paper. Roll paint side outward around the smaller tube to aid in its support. Then roll bubble wrap around the artwork and seal with tape. All the while you should always be careful not to wrap painting to tight.
When you put this into the mailing tube be sure that there is no extra room inside and add more bubble wrap to other material to secure movement.
You are now ready for shipping label and mark FRAGILE.